It was our 5th month together on Monday, so I shall leave the nasties aside and simply relegate it to “growing together”. This was post-war at the Ministry of Food, we had the Mango mini sundae + Iced Ribena. Will go back and order the whole course before commenting much!

I was having a really good hair day, my curls behaved and came out all nice and twirly. Made me feel like scrunching up my hair, but my feet hurt so badly! What is it about expensive shoes and their ability to give you bad blisters? Urgh to the max.

There was this lady who sat at the table beside us, and she had gorgeous purple nails! Too bad she got them done in Taiwan 😩 Speaking of which, I’m so looking forward to Thursday!

P.S. Am not looking forward to class later

P.P.S. Am not looking forward to Thursday’s class either