As expected, the Fari’s reaction was epic!

And now, I is slaving in the library together with the lovely Cherry, from last year’s MLE class. And my stomach’s growling so bad and hunger pangs are overwhelming me, thanks to the Tori-Q some girl brought in. That should be illegal yo!

P.S. I think I should be more friendly now, and attempt to recognize my fellow classmates. I always had the thinking that as 1. We are all adults and hence no need for after-class fraternization 2. As a private University we come from diverse backgrounds thus no requirement for us to bond other than for project groups. However, I think I might be wrong on that count, and some of the classmates might just stay on as good friends, right Farirari?

P.P.S. Now in addition to the Tori-Q, I have Toni Braxton singing “Unbreak My Heart” in the background. I think the girl’s playlist should be good friends with mine, they both are of good taste haha! Though II Divo’s version is way better!