See, I’m not even bothering to disguise my laziness.

So I admitted that I wasn’t really that keen on doing work, but I’m surprised by my own ability to procrastinate this long. Yeah, I’m guilty as charged. Sighs. I think I might spend the evening after ProC class to finish these up. Woe is me, and if my lecturers are gonna accept them even. After all, I was 2 weeks late. 😦

  1. CpR Assignment 1 – Half done ( 3 weeks ago)
  2. CpR Assignment 2 – Not done (2 weeks ago)
  3. ProC Assignment N (Yesterday)
  4. Print News Picture Story (This Thursday)

I’ll have to finish 1. and 2. by today and submit it to Student Services after ProC class. As for Mr. J’s homework, I havent got a clue what should I be doing. Urgh to the max. Can’t we have our CNY a.k.a Term Break now??