So the mask I have on now is the SILK WHITIA’s Highly Concentrated Collagen Gel Mask, which touts to be able to do the following things;

  1. Provide dry and dehydrated skin with an instant moisture surge
  2. Smooth fine lines and wrinkles of the face
  3. Improve the skin texture

I prepped my skin the way I did for the Bihada Ichizoku mask review, and Momosaurus did too. I figured that collagen would be a good mask for her since her skin clearly needs it, haha!

Ok, I shall be honest here. The mask was an ill fit on both Momosaurus and me, failing to cover both our foreheads fully to our hairline. I don’t know what’s the explanation for this, perhaps our foreheads have no need of the collagen essence? Another thing is, it tends to slip down, whereas the Bihaha Ichizoku mask was like a second skin. Most annoying was that I actually got some essence into my eyes, and it was painful to the max!

It’s weird cos’ the mask had excess material down to the underside of my chin as well, hmm.


To be fair, my skin broke out a little due to PMS. After I washed away the collagen essence (the instructions did not say you could leave it on), my skin now feels noticeably softer and a little fairer. I could not feel my pores and the skin texture was smoother as well. The SA said this mask is popular among the customers, and I grabbed the remaining 2 packs on the counter.

There’s a promotion now for them. 1 box (which contains 5 mask sheets) costs $20.90. Buy 1 box get 1 free! So if you work it out, I got 10 for $20.90, which equals to $2+ for 1 collagen sheet mask. A bang for your buck if you ask me!