I went to bed last night (or I should say, this morning) feeling that the Silk Whitia’s Highly Concentrated Collagen Gel Mask was just an ordinary product. Adding on to my PMS skin woes, my nose was acting up again and made me look red in the face. No surprises that looking myself in the mirror with a red face and eyes didn’t make me feel nice towards the product.


When I woke up this morning and examined my skin in front of the huge-ass mirror, I was like “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I could not see any visible pores on my face, skin tone was fairer, and my skin was smoother than ever. Unlike the Bichida Ichizoku mask which felt like my skin was bloated with water, this Silk Whitia Collagen mask made my skin feel so bouncy and elastic! Actually I feel that my face has become thinner, but I dont have any explanations for that! The tiny laugh lines under my eyes were also more fine and the skin felt good!

All in all, I would definitely repurchase it