I decided to take Momosaurus up on her offer to go shopping with her, not that I’m intended to buy new clothes for CNY actually. My 2010 resolution includes not buying anything I’m going to wear only once again, thus I’ve decided that I shall just dig up the dresses which I wore only once for past CNY(s) and wear them again.

Ok la, I admit, I bought 2 dresses from Zara TRF already in Dec’ 2009! But they are all black and Momosaurus has decreed “Don’t wear black on the 1st day!

You tell me how la? 😦

Anyways, I got a pair of bling-bling flats from Pazzion which I had my eyes on like, ever since they were on retail last year. However, I already committed the sin of “buying two of something which you like”, so I refrained from buying them. Of course, shelling out $76 for them even when I have the 10% discount was a factor too. Pictures another day!

As Momosaurus and I were preparing to leave Wisma Atria via “Royal-Mode-Of-Transport” as C affectionately calls it, I spied SASA and walked in, thinking to see if they had any of the Bihada Ichizoku masks left in stock. Next thing I knew, Momosaurus wanted some masks and viola, I spent enough to try my hand at their “Sure-Win Dip” 😦

Review on the SILK WHITIA – Highly Concentrated Collagen Gel Mask is coming right up!