It was C’s 2nd-last day at Uniqlo today, so in my attempt to make full use of her staff discount (FYI 30%), I made it down to the 313 after tuition. Alas, I think I should stick to korean jeans and whatever not, as nothing there caught my fancy and I’m between sizes. 😦

These pictures are credits to S, who took out her supa-pro I-dunno-what-brand-it-is DSLR to take them for me. Even more amazing is, I figured out how to resize the frigging pictures in Picasa! Even even more amazing is, how easy it is to make sure everything looks nice, though the camera helped like 90%.

Warm welcome from my accessories case;

That pink thing is actually a Hello Kitty wrist-pad which the boyfriend thought I should grab. Each pack cost me $5.00, and they were discounted from the $10 original price. The Fari you feeling me? I paid $25 for them all and I got so much more in variety and quantity than the ones we bought from P.S! Apparently the lady who owns the box-space would replenish every Sunday, but I have plans for tomorrow already 😦

These are gifts I intend to wrap up all nice and pretty for the boyfriend’s family when he flies home in <30 hours. Major 😦

These books were from Rockstar by Soon Lee. I know, who buys books from clothing stores? But The Prince caught my attention as I remembered a lecturer recommending it, but the salesgirl said “Oh no, it’s not a political book” and I thought I got it wrong until I read the back. Strictly for those who know only, haha.

Alrights, it’s “nai-nai” time for me as tomorrow’s going to be a long morning-noon for me as I tackle 3 should-have-already-been-handed-in assignments and pray hard that my lecturers wouldn’t notice. Maybe I should use the “my boyfriend’s migrating” excuse, hmm?

P.S. I think I should resist the urge to take up S’s offer on her DSLR, I’m afraid that with each snap I might grow more addicted and say hello to the singularly most expensive purchase in my life.