I was supposed to do this on Monday technically, but my facial mask review took most of my time, so here is the review I have for the Essential Intensive Hair Mask – Rich Premier range.

The technique that you use to apply the hair mask counts towards its effectiveness. After countless episodes of 女人我最大 where all the hair-gods emphasized on the correct way to apply your conditioner and hair mask, I think I’m pretty good at it myself, when I’m not lazy that is.

  1. After the shampoo, squeeze out the excess water in your hair.
  2. Divide your hair into left and right sections. I started with the right, hence I clipped up the left.
  3. Dig out a good-size dollop of the product and rub into your hands. The smell of the shea butter is very tempting!
  4. Starting from the top to the end, press the product into your hair and rub it in.
  5. Clip up the right section once you are done and repeat steps for the left.
  6. Leave on for 15minutes before washing it totally off, else you will risk a oily scalp and whatever not.

My hair felt super smooth and moisturised (omg why am I repeating this word!) after the water ran clear of the hair mask. The ends already felt like straw when I was shampooing my hair, but at the end of the 15minutes, it was totally smooth the texture was great.

To ensure maximum control, I used the Redken Anti-Frizz Polishing Milk I got from my hairstylist, rubbing it first into my fingers before combing through the bottom half of my hair. Never touch your scalp with product as it will lead to an oily scalp which equates limp and greasy hair.

I prefer to blow-dry the roots with a cool blast and then leaving my hair to dry naturally to not undo all the hard work I did, but to each their own.

Overall verdict: For SGD$9.90, it was worth more than its purchase price. Grab it when you see it however, as it goes out-of-stock frequently. I would actually use the hair mask as a daily thing, though it did state that once/twice weekly would be fine. If this is the next holy-grail which is so affordable, I foresee myself being free from dry ends and hair woes! Couldn’t stop touching my hair which

And this, is the final product;

You tell me lah, worth anot? Taken at night leh! Can tahan the whole day omg must buy lah! Cannot see a single frizz lor!