The Fari and I are constantly puzzled, how the hell did we manage to spend so much time loitering around Bugis and particularly, Watsons and Sasa? Time seemed to pass so quickly when one has enjoyable company, especially when it comes to new-found classmates.

My hair is the bomb! x infinity!

We decided on V8 for dinner cos’ it would be most comfortable for the Fari there. The boyfriend joined us and was so happy to be seated across the gigantic TV screening old local movies by Jack Neo that he was staring rather hard at it.

Okay, this is when he knew I was trying to take his picture and acting cute at the same time.


I was really bored. Like really really.

We had Western Fried Rice (the boyfriend), Grilled Lamp Chop (the Fari) and Mushroom Creme Pasta (me) and chicken wings for appetisers. The Fari’s dinner came first and she attacked it so quickly I hardly had time to take a picture!

The Fari shows off her chops!

Dinner was my first meal of the day as I didn’t manage to get a snack as Tony knocked my 40cents cup of coffee over and luckily my netbook was spared. My notes weren’t, thus break-time was spent waiting at Student Services for a new copy. Strange enough I only had the stomach for half the portion.

The Fari said her lamb chops were rather tasty, I wouldnt know as I have never tasted lamb or mutton in my life! Though I admit the smell was tenderizing!

The boyfriend left for Macs’ and left us alone to do some shopping. We went to Watsons where these happened;

She’s asking: “Which one?!”

My hair is the bomb! x infinity!

The Avalon Girl’s signature pose!

And before I sign off to collapse in exhaustion;

Yeah I know we posed with the wrong prop, but I didn’t want to yank the correct one off its taped counterpart.

The Fari and I are TeamRichPremier!