I would never have expected it of myself to be able to wake up at 9.30am after a mere 4.5hr of sleep, but if the 2NE1 girls could do it, I jolly well can as well!

2NE1TV cracked me up like nobody’s business, and I feel a little more than embarrassed to actually admit I’m a fan. Oh well, we all got to start somewhere, and what better than now rather than never at all? Their dedication is to be admired, especially the crazy wake-up times.

And oh, they totally inspired me to get into the “fierce” mode, though I doubt I can’t manage anything more than black bodycon dresses. Somehow when paired with flats, the “fierceness” would have gone out somewhat. Perhaps a diet is in order to actually look “fierce”, anything with boobs would just take the “fierce” out of the equation.

Alrights, I shall resume where I left off battling the CommR1 assignment. A good morning to all! *wave wave*