I was at Sasa with the Fari when I chanced upon these Bihada Ichizoku facial masks. I think people would be more familiar with its Japanese brand 美肌一族 which feature anime illustrations on their mask packs. I was curious to try them out after watching 女人我最大 where the Taiwan artistes were raving about the range of masks. I purchased one of each of the only two remaining choices left on the counter and today, I have the HYALURON SHEET MASK (in pink) on as I’m typing this.

The sheet mask is of the thin cotton type, I was actually surprised when it nearly tore when I was unfolding it from the pack. It was a good fit for my face, with enough excess so that I could include the underside of my chin as well. It feels really light and “tight”, I really could not lift my eyebrows or make any facial expressions like I can when I have other masks on. I like it as it adheres to my skin so well, and the thinness would mean that the essence is absorbed fully by my skin, not by the heavy cotton which other masks are made of.

The Japanese are to be applauded for their quality control and honesty. It stated on the back of the pack that the mask includes 27ml of essence, and holy shit, when I took out the mask which is already drenched, I could feel weight in the supposed-empty pack! I poured out the leftover essence which was honey-colored and applied onto the mask before rubbing into the drying areas of my elbows. Talk about a good bargain.

Before I put the mask on, I used the PURE REVIVAL PEEL by SKIN INC to exfoliate and remove the dead skin cells. This is very important to ensure that your skin is fully prepped for maximum absorption, instead of all the essence goodness being blocked out by all the dead skin. The PURE REVIVAL PEEL is a water-based exfoliant which is gentle enough for all skin types, including me of the sensitive skin woes. Unlike normal exfoliaters, it is applied onto dry skin.

These were what I used, in order of appearance;

30 minutes later, I peeled off the mask which is still damp around my cheeks but a little drying on the forehead. The instructions said only to leave on for “15 minutes to prevent over-drying of skin”, but I think this is self-determined as you would be able to feel how “dry” the mask is on your skin. Having to throw it away was a little painful considering 1 sheet mask retails for SGD$8.00 and its pricier than the normal SGD$1.00+ Taiwan masks which can be used everyday as they are more cost-friendly.

I do not like the feeling of gooey-ness on my face so I would pat in all the remaining essence into my skin before rinsing it off. However in this case, the essence did not feel gooey at all and was quickly absorbed within 5 minutes when I took off the mask. It was not sticky and feels comfortable on the skin. My cheeks has the “twang twang” feeling when I poked them and my skin feels full and hydrated inside-out. My elbows felt more moisturised and the flaking disappeared.

Overall verdict: Worth the SGD$8.00 I paid for, would definitely stock  up for twice-a-week use! 🙂 My cheeks now are super full when I smile and I like the plump feeling I get now as I know my skin is super moisturised! The mask has whitening properties, but I’m already fair to begin with, so it would not be accurate for me to say after only one use.

P.S. I recommend that one listens to classical pieces when indulging in a mask treat. Maksim’s Claudine was my lullaby for today.