I realized how juvenile it is calling my assignments “homework”, especially when you are already in the University, *cue ironical laughter*

In my earnest bid to clean up my act and start my 2010 proper, I shall be making lists wherever I go from now. Funny how much I detested Engineering, but it gave me the vertical(analytical) thinking I needed to successfully balance the creativity(literacy) that I already have.

See Mr. J, I already am applying the concepts you taught us in ProC class!

Come to think of it, Journalism is actually very analytical, no? A degree of news-sniffing is required to actually spawn the story idea, however, how the path of thought proceeds from “Start” is highly crucial to a successful “End”. One can and will fuck up the story and it will be as worthless as the everyday trash. Ok, I’m making excuses for myself in case I procrastinate on the Feature Writing I have to do.

Somehow, subjecting my writing to the scrutiny of the lecturer or my peers gives me this itching sense of perfection. Its as though every word must be placed correctly to accurately describe my thoughts, every angle thoroughly explored and examined, and every last drop of value squeezed out of it. If anyone else gets what I’m saying, let me know. We can hold hands and bury ourselves in the hole we are digging.

Ok, I digress so.

  1. ProC Assignment 2
  2. ProC Assignment 1 -Comments
  3. ProC Assignment 2 – Comments
  4. CommR Assignment 1
  5. CommR Assignment 2
  6. PNews – Picture Story
  7. PNews – The Future of Newspapers
  8. PNews – Feature Story
  9. ProC – Rewrite notes

Please point me in the above direction show I appear lost, thanks.

P.S. Legion is a horrible movie, urgh. I was expecting a more LITERAL plot, not this lousy-as-shit thing the scriptwriter cooked up.