I forgot what color I had on my nails but I predict it wouldn’t last long before I run back to re-color them. My nails are oval instead of the usual square because of the extensions I did in Nov’ last year, and I’m waiting for them to grow out of their puny weakened state.

Speaking of which, I have had red for my toes for as long as I could remember. It is also the best color, in my opinion, to have for your pedicure. Be it a hint of it peeking from your open-toe heels or flats, or just showing off your fresh pedicure with sandals and slippers. O.P.I’s Little Red Wagon is one of my favourites, though I am sure I had another shade on prior. Anyways, if anyone here is interested in nail colors, be sure to check out Scrangie.com for awesome swatches. O.P.I does a good quantity and quality of reds, as it does the nude ones.

The Fari would know that I am a sucker for nudes and beige colors. They are again, the best colors to go with any outfit, or when doing French. It gives me a classy feeling when I use nude colors while I was working in the office for awhile last year. I especially like Barefoot in Barcelona by O.P.I, and the Cousin evidently liked it too as she wore the same shade for a wedding we both attended last year.

Hence, after declaring my penchant for such “dull” colors, I guess it’s to nobody’s surprise I’ll remove the purple-pink on my fingers. And oh, why doesn’t Barielle ship to Singapore? Their pastel nudes are to-die-for seriously.

Current lemmings include

Chanel 505 Particulière

And this is for you Farirari, a hot favourite no less!

Chanel 461 Blue Satin

The formula for Chanel polishes are top-notch, easy to apply and is opaque enough after 2 coats, except for sheer polishes of course. However at $32 a bottle, it is indeed pricey, as one can order 3 as-good-as polishes from O.P.I! I have my eye on 4 colors, yet am hesitating for good reason. Lucky enough for me is Chanel doesn’t do Cream colors, I could only spot a few among its entire collection. I dislike Shimmers or Metallics with a vengeance, though I have yet to try out the Suede or Matte colors, I daresay I would not like them either.

P.S Here is a nice picture of my nail color after I managed to connect my N97 to the netbook’s bluetooth. An amazing feat for a tech-noob like myself.