Okay, it wasn’t really what I expected and I should have just went down to their store outlets to choose the cover myself. Though FancyPocket did specify that actual placement of ornaments and their number would differ with each item, I couldn’t help but feel ripped off. Not to mention, the silicon creme puffs actually stuck on the wrap, and I had to pull/slice their ends off. God knows why the hell they actually melted.

The Fari and I visited Kino before she went home and I saw all these craft books that taught you how to make your own food accessory. Too bad they were in Japanese 😩

Nonetheless, this version is way better than my cheapo-and-fugly cover from Thailand’s MBK. I still feel irritated with myself when I think about that shop. Both covers cost me $30 bucks but I doubt I would find my sweets dropping off the cover as the pearls did for my previous one. I have a mind to superglue the accessories from the old cover to the new one, but what the hell, I wouldn’t want to risk glue-ing my fingers together with the glue gun.