It has been ages since I last visited the library, and here I am after a good lunch at Crystal Jade with the boyfriend. Along with me are Farirari and Tobaleh who are supposed to do their Communication Research assignments, yet all three of us are happily chattering away like nobody’s business. I’m so sure that everybody else in the library hates us.

Anyways, I forgot to bring the DS out and feeling urgh to the max with myself. No pictures of the cute silicon creme puffs which semi-melted onto the clear plastic.

Am supposed to meet a buyer for my B.C dress later at 6pm, very sad to let the dress go but what’s the use of keeping something which I couldnt even fit into. On a happier note, Topshop beckons when the boyfriend gets off work. Yay to a wardrobe filled with Topshop and Zara for 2010!