Thanks to the Fari who managed to spend all her energy bouncing up and down in the library. Her antics include “hitting on” a poor innocent Caucasian student whom she mistaken for being an exchange student, helping me sort out the crystals which fell out of their box due to a lousy clasp, and accompanying me for some shopping before the boyfriend arrived, late.

I guess I will have more company than I bargained for at 4am later, when people like me and the Fari are still awake slaving over the assignment. Why is it that a 100-word “paragraph” hard to write when I can easily do 1000 with my endless ramblings?

Hopefully I can manage decent shots of my shopping loot and the blingified DS cover later when I reach home.

P.S Sometimes I feel that I havent done anything worthwhile to deserve somebody like the boyfriend, Farirari you feelin’ me here? Am I a lucky bitch or what?

P.P.S. We should totally do lunch here at the Fish Market after thursday/friday lectures Farirari, $9.90 for the Fish’n’Chips and you get a free soup-of-the day and drink-of-your-choice! The Whitebait is to die for, an unhealthy snack but still highly addictive. Hopefully all the fried batter I peeled off my dory fillet would cancel it off.