So now I’m back after dinner and a fitful afternoon nap (I dreamed that I was whipping my sister for I-don’t-know-what, and her crying jolted me from my nap), hoping to find some inspiration to the assignment. 400-word Picture Story, it’s not that difficult and I know it, but what sticks me in a rut is the actual Picture. The boyfriend was very nice to give me some ideas (i.e. teenagers engaging in underage sex / JAL declaring bankrupt / Google VS China), but the assignment involves me snapping a picture of the subject myself and I couldn’t possibly take pictures of 2 pimply teenagers going at it, or could I?

I wish someone would just toss me a picture already to end my whining. Urgh to the max.

Poor Farirari, Victoria Secrets was closed for today, but I reckon we would visit it real soon, right after we manage to bling our gadgets.