I must admit, the reason why I got myself a WordPress account is after reading through Fari’s blog and finding that the urge to blog is once again upon me. I have absolutely no idea what would I come up with, either nonsensical ramblings or just boring day-to-day posts which may again, make no sense to everyone else except myself. I doubt I would write as I did for the LiveJournal blog which died its own natural death, since having a boyfriend does certainly limits the cynical-emotional-critical personality somewhat, and neither am I inclined to airing my love woes online as I prefer the barbaric way of screaming them over the phone.  However I guess this is really a good way to train myself to hammer away on the keyboard instead of giving in to the urge to pen the words down and not publish them 99% of the time. Out of it all, my lecturers are the ones reaping the benefits as I would hand in essays which are coherently thought through instead of a mis-mash of the ideas bouncing everywhere in my head.

On a lighter note, Victoria Secrets opens today at Resort World Sentosa! Not that I’m a fan of theirs as I did not enjoy my previous shopping experience with them, and I can’t exactly order their lingerie online as I’m the kind who needs to try the sizes out before blinding ordering else everything would end up in the bin. However, togther with Farirari, I have myself increasingly taken with the idea of Pink, so I daresay I might end up buying everything in the store which would bode not very well indeed for my pocket.

And now, I shall focus on the assignments due for Print News I tomorrow and the boyfriend’s report before Momosaurus tempts me with shopping.

P.S. How cool is that WordPress actually facilitates the idea of proper blogging? I ♥ the Word Count feature, but am not loving the look of my blog, urgh. Shall go beg for help on Facebook and hope my techno-savvy friends would have mercy!